good food

This definition of “Good Food” from FEAST Together is really resonating with me:

But who has the privilege of eating this way?  The beautiful carton of local eggs above was purchased at Marche for $4, and they were the best eggs we’ve ever eaten.  I feel perfectly at peace paying over 2 times the amount a standard carton of eggs goes for because this is the way I have chosen to feed my family after much research on our current food systems.  But I recognize that this is a privilege, and I find that fact very disturbing.  “Justice for eaters” certainly does not mean that the most affordable food happens to be processed, denatured, and filled with additives.  “Nourishing for our planet” means limiting or not using pesticides.  Where can we find food that meets all the criteria?  I reached for an organic head of cauliflower at Publix before quickly drawing back upon discovering that it was $6. SIX DOLLARS.  That is privilege, and I certainly cannot afford to shop that way.  I will pay $4 for eggs but not $6 for cauliflower because it seems to me like organic sections of chain grocery stores are a niche market and they can raise the price accordingly, whereas local/free-range eggs are usually around the same price.  As I sort my way through all of this, I find I am getting more lost and feeling somewhat hopeless about the state of our food systems in America.  We have a very long way to go–because it’s not just about making sure every plate has food on it, but also about making sure the “food” on the plate is actually contributing to the health and nourishment of the eater.

While it is easy to feel hopeless, there are people doing this extremely difficult work and there are amazing organizations committed to food justice all across the country.  Here are a few that make me proud to call Nashville home:

  1. robyn said:

    I’m always encouraged by both your distaste for our food system and your persistence to find alternatives and solutions to the problem…fuels me to be a more conscious shopper, buying goods that promote justice for both the grower and the eater! Thank you!

  2. Robyn said:

    P.S. Love the new design!

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