homeopathic skin care

Almost a year ago a friend introduced me to a line of skin care products that has created a noticeable difference in my skin–I love it, and wanted to share it with you!

Evan Healy is the creator of evanhealy, the skin breathes, a line she created after working as an aesthetician for many years.  Her line is a homeopathic approach to skin care that uses all natural plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals to create safe and non-toxic products.  The products are hand-produced in small batches and organic ingredients are used when possible (you won’t find any synthetic or artificial ingredients here).  There are three different treatment lines aimed at differing skin conditions, but Evan urges you to “trust your own sense of smell and intuition when deciding which product is appropriate for your skin’s current condition.

A big change for me when I started using these products was using oil as a moisturizer instead of lotion.  As is the homeopathic way of treating like with like (remember onions treating watering eyes/nose?), nourishing nut and seed oils are used to treat oily/imbalanced skin.  I use the Tea Tree gel cleanser and Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum (Blue) daily, and the Green Tea Clay Mask weekly.

Evan’s holistic approach to life is one I am striving for:

“The fundamentals necessary to creating and maintaining healthy skin include a balance of nourishing foods and pure water, time spent in quiet contemplation, and exercise that encourages a healthy sweat and deep breathing.  If you follow these few simple suggestions you will find yourself in the midst of a life well lived.”

You can read more about evanhealy products here.


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