I am knee deep in Haruki Murakami’s new novel 1Q84 and I found this passage about eating well and listening to your body.  Though I am missing any reference that eating is (can/should be) a pleasurable thing, I appreciate his view:

“Aomame devoted a great deal of attention to her daily diet. Vegetarian dishes were central to the meals she prepared for herself, to which she added seafood, mostly white fish. An occasional piece of chicken was about all the meat she would eat. She chose only fresh ingredients and kept seasonings to a minimum, rejecting high-fat ingredients entirely and keeping her intake of carbohydrates low. Salads she would eat with a touch of olive oil, salt, and lemon juice, never dressings. She did not just eat a lot of vegetables, she also studied their nutritional elements in detail and made sure she was eating a well-balanced selection. She fashioned her own original menus and shared them with sports club members when asked. ‘Forget about counting calories,’ she would always advise them. ‘Once you develop a knack for choosing the proper ingredients and eating in moderation, you don’t have to pay attention to numbers.’

This is not to say she clung obsessively to her ascetic menus. If she felt a strong desire for meat, she would pop into a restaurant and order a thick steak or lamb chops. She believed that an unbearable desire for a particular food meant that the body was sending signals for something it truly needed, and she would follow the call of nature.”

  1. robyn said:

    What do my unbearable desires for jeni’s ice cream say about my bodies needs!?

    Like this. Dan and I have been making our own dressings lately. 🙂

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