A cloudy Sunday provided a relaxing day of study yesterday. I’m excited to dive into Sandor’s world of fermented foods and drinks –his approach is very accessible and practical.

These words from his introduction struck a chord with me:

“Moving toward a more harmonious way of life and greater resilience requires our active participation.  This means finding ways to become more aware of and connected to the other forms of life that are around us and that constitute our food–plants and animals, as well as bacteria and fungi–and to the resources, such as water, fuel, materials, tools, and transportation, upon which we depend.  It means taking responsibility for our shit, both literally and figuratively.  We can become creators of a better world, of better and more sustainable food choices, of greater awareness of resources, and of community based on sharing.  For culture to be strong and resilient, it must be a creative realm in which skills, information, and values are engaged and transmitted; culture cannot thrive as a consumer paradise or a spectator sport.  Daily life offers constant opportunities for participatory action. Seize them.”  Sandor Katz

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  1. fuggiamo said:

    that’s a GREAT quote! thanks for sharing :).

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