shifting seasons

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox/the first day of fall–something I’ve been excited for since the first day of winter last year.  I know I’m not alone thinking that fall is the best time of year!

As the seasons shift, it’s so very helpful to be mindful of the kinds of nourishment we seek–eating whole and living foods is the best way to safeguard our bodies against the upcoming cold and flu season.   I found these 2 articles helpful in preparing for the new season:

“Increasing immune-supporting foods like raw garlic, ginger, lemons, honey, nuts, seeds, and yogurt can also ensure that your body gets sufficient nutrients to fight off potential invaders.”

Autumn is a season of deficiency and change. When the temperature starts to drop, the body scrambles to protect itself from heat loss. Nourishing foods, especially soups, seem all the more enticing while offering the added benefits of refortifying deficient tissue and thickening the skin, thus insulating your body from the cold.

Welcome scarves, boots, pumpkins and mums!


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