resolution to rest


I took this picture when we were traveling back home after visiting my family for Christmas. It is to me the embodiment of winter in the mountains–rolling fog, gray skies, the tiniest bit of blue peeking through. It is also a picture of how I feel in the winter–a desire to hibernate, nest + be cozy, while knowing that spring is just around the corner.

In years past, I have found it challenging to attempt a New Year’s Resolution-esque cleanse, and I am now connecting that to my wintertime feelings of slowing down + staying in. A new year is always a fresh start, yes, but it falls right in the middle of a dark winter that encourages stillness and quietude. I don’t want to start a juice cleanse + rigorous exercise routine on January 1st–I want to eat soup, take a grounding yoga class, and curl up to watch a movie. (Of course juicing and exercise are wonderful things–I’m just expressing my own seasonal feelings. I’ll rendezvous with juicing + rigorous exercise in the spring.)

Right now I’m seeking comfort food–nourishing, fulfilling, warming, and grounding.  “When we turn to food for solace, we should choose dishes that are an expression of our principles and beliefs, not an exception to them, ” writes Tamar Adler about what comfort food should mean in this lovely article (that also includes 3 delicious-looking comfort food recipes).

Another great resource for eating comfort foods that still express principles of healthy eating was in today’s Goop newsletter about adding superfoods to your winter diet–easy and delicious for body + soul alike.

This soup from Good Things Grow is next on my list to make–health + comfort can and should live together in harmony!



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