Monthly Archives: May 2013

I’m borrowing this idea from two of my favorite wellness-bloggers (that happen to be beautiful sisters!), Mary Crimmins and Madeline Lemon. Five things I’m loving at the moment:

1. Living in NYC.

nycI’ve been a New Yorker for one month, and I’m starting find a rhythm here.  So many things to do + see, so many things to eat! I’ve been taking the city in slowly through lots and lots of walking.

2. Doterra Essential Oils.


I arrived in NYC on a glorious cloud of pollen…everything is in bloom and so beautiful, and I’ve been sneezing accordingly! These 3 oils taken together have been enormously helpful to me–still some sneezes, but my body feels much calmer than past springs.  Read about more natural allergy relief tips in my newsletter!

3. Farmacology.

farmaI just finished Daphne Miller’s new book, Farmacology, and loved it. From the jacket: “Miller left her medical office and traveled to seven innovative family farms around the country, on a quest to discover the hidden connections between how we care for our bodies and how we grow our food.” This kind of “farm-to-body” way of thinking about wellness + healing really resonated with me.  The featured quote is from Daphne Miller’s opening chapter, in conversation with Wendell Berry.

4. Middle Eastern Food.

mid eastI discovered my first favorite restaurant in NYC–Mimi’s Hummus. I went three times in one week…everything is great and has made me even more excited to dig into the beautiful Jerusalem cookbook I got for Christmas. So many savory dishes featuring cinnamon, yum!

5. Clyde Oak.clydeoak

Clyde Oak is the voice of the new American gardener–“a landscape architecture firm and an online shop for people interested in aesthetics and dirty hands.”  I love their philosophy to celebrate growing things–though I don’t have space for a huge garden in the city, I can + will still grow some of my own food in pots on the fire escape.  And for indoor storage, I can’t wait to get one of Clyde Oak’s root baskets–handmade in my North Carolina homeland! (photos via Clyde Oak’s website)

Those are my five things! What are yours?