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I’m borrowing this idea from two of my favorite wellness-bloggers (that happen to be beautiful sisters!), Mary Crimmins and Madeline Lemon. Five things I’m loving at the moment:

1. Living in NYC.

nycI’ve been a New Yorker for one month, and I’m starting find a rhythm here.  So many things to do + see, so many things to eat! I’ve been taking the city in slowly through lots and lots of walking.

2. Doterra Essential Oils.


I arrived in NYC on a glorious cloud of pollen…everything is in bloom and so beautiful, and I’ve been sneezing accordingly! These 3 oils taken together have been enormously helpful to me–still some sneezes, but my body feels much calmer than past springs.  Read about more natural allergy relief tips in my newsletter!

3. Farmacology.

farmaI just finished Daphne Miller’s new book, Farmacology, and loved it. From the jacket: “Miller left her medical office and traveled to seven innovative family farms around the country, on a quest to discover the hidden connections between how we care for our bodies and how we grow our food.” This kind of “farm-to-body” way of thinking about wellness + healing really resonated with me.  The featured quote is from Daphne Miller’s opening chapter, in conversation with Wendell Berry.

4. Middle Eastern Food.

mid eastI discovered my first favorite restaurant in NYC–Mimi’s Hummus. I went three times in one week…everything is great and has made me even more excited to dig into the beautiful Jerusalem cookbook I got for Christmas. So many savory dishes featuring cinnamon, yum!

5. Clyde Oak.clydeoak

Clyde Oak is the voice of the new American gardener–“a landscape architecture firm and an online shop for people interested in aesthetics and dirty hands.”  I love their philosophy to celebrate growing things–though I don’t have space for a huge garden in the city, I can + will still grow some of my own food in pots on the fire escape.  And for indoor storage, I can’t wait to get one of Clyde Oak’s root baskets–handmade in my North Carolina homeland! (photos via Clyde Oak’s website)

Those are my five things! What are yours?


Almost a year ago a friend introduced me to a line of skin care products that has created a noticeable difference in my skin–I love it, and wanted to share it with you!

Evan Healy is the creator of evanhealy, the skin breathes, a line she created after working as an aesthetician for many years.  Her line is a homeopathic approach to skin care that uses all natural plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals to create safe and non-toxic products.  The products are hand-produced in small batches and organic ingredients are used when possible (you won’t find any synthetic or artificial ingredients here).  There are three different treatment lines aimed at differing skin conditions, but Evan urges you to “trust your own sense of smell and intuition when deciding which product is appropriate for your skin’s current condition.

A big change for me when I started using these products was using oil as a moisturizer instead of lotion.  As is the homeopathic way of treating like with like (remember onions treating watering eyes/nose?), nourishing nut and seed oils are used to treat oily/imbalanced skin.  I use the Tea Tree gel cleanser and Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum (Blue) daily, and the Green Tea Clay Mask weekly.

Evan’s holistic approach to life is one I am striving for:

“The fundamentals necessary to creating and maintaining healthy skin include a balance of nourishing foods and pure water, time spent in quiet contemplation, and exercise that encourages a healthy sweat and deep breathing.  If you follow these few simple suggestions you will find yourself in the midst of a life well lived.”

You can read more about evanhealy products here.

As I am entering the world of nutrition and health (starting school next week!), I am reminded time and again that the best thing you can do for your own health is listen to your body.  Our bodies truly know what they need for optimal health and they will tell us; the process of learning to listen will greatly inform the depth of our wellness.  For example, I am prone to getting colds and sinus infections–last winter alone I had 4 sinus infections that knocked me out for a week at a time.  In the past year I have changed some ways I go about life (cutting out meat, eating mostly whole foods, eating when I am hungry and drinking when I am thirsty, going to bed when I am tired…), and it’s these small changes that have given me a greater awareness of my body and how to listen to it.  I am very aware of my symptoms of a cold/sinus infection, and my new favorite remedy is a homeopathic medicine called Coldcalm by Boiron.  A dear friend gave me some when I felt a cold coming on recently and I was amazed at how quickly it worked to alleviate my symptoms.  From the Boiron website: “Homeopathic medicines are therapeutically active micro-doses of mineral, botanical and biological substances.”  Homeopathy is often looked down upon in the medical community (the wikipedia page definitely uses the word “quack”), but only you can decide what works best for your own self care.  Coldcalm has a list of 9 ingredients all written in latin, so I did some research to see what it is I’m actually taking (something we should do for every medicine/thing we put in our bodies, no?) and I’m really excited about what I discovered.  Do some research and decide what’s best for you, but I will say that I haven’t had a cold since last January.  Here’s to a new year of good health!