“While we live our bodies are moving particles of the earth, joined inextricably both to the soil and to the bodies of other living creatures.  It is hardly surprising, then, that there should be some profound resemblances between our treatment of our bodies and our treatment of the earth. ” Wendell Berry



Her heart of darkness is a bird named sorrow.

He flaps his wings once for no

Twice for tears

Three times, just for exercise.




Sorrow flaps twice and the eardrums of those passing by

Are beaten.


Speak no more of lineage

Of those who came first because

They did not make you.


You were born

In the same instance when

A bird was sighing, a man crying, a child


Understanding, but not quite yet

That sometimes you must see the rise and fall

Of your own



To know you are being.

Sometimes you will


And not quite know, and

Other times you will know and just barely


Touch food.

Touch the products of the earth.

Most of us aren’t very grounded these days. We’re up, up, up.

Food is the blessing from the planet, the essence of the earth.

When we touch it, it heals us.

Get to know your food. Get to know yourself.

Invest in your health.

Paul Pitchford

We went to the mountains recently and had a wonderfully peaceful weekend–hiking, reading, yoga by the river, used bookstores, Indian food…it was a great success!  I came across a used book that caught my eye, The Wisdom of Healing by David Simon, M.D.  I’m just getting started in it, but I wanted to share this bit of wisdom:

“People can naturally maintain physical well being by living in a way that fosters good health. Nature provides certain internal signals, and when we heed them we are much more likely to have our desires fulfilled. This does not mean that we never experience anger or destructive thoughts and feelings. But if we look deeply and honestly inside ourselves, there’s usually a quiet voice directing us that allows us to structure the sequential steps to get our desires met. If we’re also getting toxic external messages that distract us from our inner wisdom, genuine satisfaction will always remain elusive. We’ll always be looking outside ourselves for the solutions to what are essentially internal needs.”

That thought, coupled with this post from Andrea Beaman about detoxifying our bodies for winter, have me thinking about ways to clear away the clutter and center myself in a new season. Andrea lists many good ideas–with that in mind, here are a few recipes I’m eyeing this week:

Miso-Curry Squash + Kale–a tried-and-true favorite!

Thai-Style Brussels Sprouts

Indian-spiced Lentil soup
I would also highly recommend this Clay Mask. What’s better to add to a cleansing season than clay–the oldest healing material on earth?

Be well!